How Does Elby Work?

In its simplest form, Elby ebikes are a modernized version of one of the world’s oldest and most elegant ways to move - that is, technology fused with the bicycle.

With a whisper - silent but powerful - and a natural feeling electric power system, your first pedal stroke will not only amaze you and make you feel like a kid again, but that “ah-ha” moment will fire through your brain with the realization that your world of options and freedom to move just got that much simpler. You will see that you can go farther, go faster, feel super human, and are no longer limited to a car, traffic, congestion, and frustration. Instead, you are free to move and are part of the smarter way to move sustainably through your life while leaving the world that much better for the next generation.

Ebikes are more intuitive than you may think. Hop on and feel the sophistication of the design and the comfort of the familiar. You can use the throttle for a pure power boost, or you can pedal with electric assist – they will both help you get where you want to go – easily, naturally, happily… Try an Elby today.